The First National Bank Towers (F N B) was built in 1973 (groundbreaking)

The City Club of Lafayette was founded a couple years after moving into the new building. The Club occupied the top floor.

Jerry Gossen and Donald O’Rourke were the architects for the FNB Towers.

Construction was completed in 1975 and First National Bank was moved into the new quarters

It was a unique building and still is the tallest building in all of Lafayette Parish

The gross square footage of the building is 223,948 square feet.

The rental square feet of the building is 195,685 square feet.

Since the building is located adjacent to the Parish Courthouse and only a couple of blocks from the new Federal Courthouse, it is in a favorable location–more so now that downtown Lafayette is bustling with new activity.

The name of the building was changed from The First National Bank Towers to Chase Tower in the Fall of 2007.